What Not To Do While In Barcelona

Barcelona is an inspiring European city that is ever-growing in popularity, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a favorite destination due to the fantastic mixture of astounding architectural masterpieces, finest art galleries, and museums, together with amazing traditions and mouthwatering traditional dishes.

However, a beloved city such as Barcelona is, most of the year, overcrowded and hectic. Thereupon, if you wish to enjoy the most out of your traveling experience to the city, you should take some time to plan your trip, and get acquainted with the main do’s and don’ts. What should you not do while in Barcelona? Keep on reading to find out.

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter in Barcelona

  • Not taking the time to book your airport transfer

For starters, by taking the time to book your Barcelona airport transfers, you’ll be taken to the center of the city or your accommodation in a time-effective manner. Certainly, while traveling, your time is precious, and wasting it waiting in line for a cab isn’t enjoyable in any way. Hence, the most comfortable way in which you can get from the airport to your address is by booking your airport transfer.

In this way, you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. The vehicles available are varied and include low-cost sedan cars, luxury executive sedans, buses, minibusses, and minivans.

  • Don’t wear a swim suit on the street

One reason Barcelona is so popular is due to its climate, which is overall sunny and enjoyable from May until October. Since the beach is at a 4.2 km distance from the city center, Barcelona is both a beach town and a cultural mecca. Nonetheless, distinct from other holiday spots, in this city, you cannot walk around the streets in your swimming suit, even though you’re headed to the beach.

Not only that this custom is tasteless and inappropriate, but it’s actually illegal. To be more precise, you could be fined €100 to €200 for wearing a swimming suit on Barcelona’s streets. Also, men shouldn’t wander around bare-chested for the same reason.

  • Don’t go to Barceloneta beach

You might have heard of Barceloneta beach since it’s one of the most famous beaches in the city. Nonetheless, this is certainly not the cleanest place in the city, being over packed with tourists, cigarette butts, and litter. Even though strolling along the beach in the evening might be enjoyable, to admire the promenade, if you wish to swim or sunbathe, you should choose another beach, such as Ocata Beach, which is clean.

Barcelona beach and Montjuic

  • Don’t drink on the streets

Drinking on the streets of Barcelona is forbidden. Albeit there are numerous beer sellers at every corner, if a police officer sees you drinking in a public space, you might be fined. Additionally, the majority of beer vendors are offering tourists warm beer, which isn’t actually as refreshing as you’d want it to be, not to mention that it is illegal to sell beer in this way, being to the detriment of local businesses. Beer sellers are scattered around Barcelona’s most popular streets.