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Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares, Malaga

This museum is located in the heart of Malaga, in the former Victoria Tavern, a building that dates back to the 17th century. Following completion of its purchase in 1974, the building was restored and refurbished as a museum,  inaugurated in 1976.


Interactive Science Museum Málaga Principia

Principia is an interactive science centre which sets out to explain science and technology to the public in an entertaining way without losing any of the rigour of its contents. The science centre PRINCIPIA is organised around various areas:


Interactive Museum of Music, Malaga

The Interactive Museum of Music is a unique project in Europe, both in terms of its dimension as well as the variety of what it offers. It is concieved as a great cultural space where sound envelopes the visitor and stimulates the senses. It boasts a valuable collection of instruments and musical objects from all over the world and the latest technology at the service of music. The museum sets out to introduce the visitor to music in a clear and simple fashion, using the most advanced up to date technology to allow the public to gain musical knowledge using their sensory faculties. (more…)

Museo del Vidrio, Malaga

Located right in the Historical Centre of the city, in the charming baroque surroundings of the church of San Felipe Neri and sharing its quiet square, is the Glass and Decorative Arts Museum, in an old large house built in 1761 and which today, carefully restored, still conserves in its facade elegant and original mural paintings that so characterized urban Malaga throughout the 18th century. (more…)

La Esperanza Museum, Malaga

La Esperanza is one of Malagas oldest and most famous icons of Holy Week and her procession one of its most followed. The Brotherhood (Pontificia y Real Archicofradía) was founded around 1587 in the Convent of Saint Domingo. It has had its headquarters in the Bascilica of Dulce Nombre de Jesús Nazareno del Paso y Maria Santisima de la Esperanza since 1988, year of the coronation of the Virgin. Beside this temple lies the museum where every year the Virgins procession passes.

Flamenco Art Museum, Malaga

La Peńa Juan Breva has been keeping an intense cultural activity devoted principally to Malaga and Flamenco Art. Fruit of its devotion and effort, it owns characteristically museum-like pieces The Flamenco Art Museum of La Peńa Juan Breva exhibits more than 5.000 pieces, among them a collection of more than 2.500 records, one of the most important of Spain with some 19th-century samples. You can also see about 20 guitars, that in any case are two centuries old; playback machines; posters; Manila shawls; full batas de cola (another kind of flamenco dress), works of art dated 19th and 20th centuries and important bibliographical and phonographic materials about flamenco. (more…)

Aula del Mar de Málaga

The purpose of the museum is to show the richness and great variety of marine life found in the sea of Alborán, as well as to make the visitor aware of the necessity of caring for and protecting the marine environment that surrounds us. The building is divided into two large areas: the exhibition area, on the lower floor, and the research area, laboratories and lecture halls on the upper floor.

Malaga Holy Week Museum

Malagas Holy Week Museum is thought to be a thematic, historical and inheritance place destined to welcome visitors of any origin in order to offer an interesting tour through Malagas Holy Week history and development. (more…)

Malaga Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum is housed in the old premises of the Capitular Rooms of the Cathedral which date from the 18th Century. It is divided into two rooms roofed by a hand crafted wooden ceiling from the 19th Century. The exhibits on display come from different parts of the Cathedral, such as the now dissappeared Treasure and Ornaments room and the aforementioned Capitular Room. The first of the rooms includes an important collection of works. (more…)

Museo Casa Natal de Picasso

The Museum of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation exhibits original works by Picasso from its permanent collection and from temporary loans to the museum. The museum occupies the ground floor of the building, precisely the place where the painter was born and spent the early part of his life. (more…)