Malaga events Archive

Malaga Easter week

One of the most moving moments occurs on Good Friday in the Plaza de Arriola square, when the nuns of the convent of La Cruz sing to the Brotherhood of Los Dolores de San Juan. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the confraternities of Malaga carry their floats in processions representing the Passion of Christ from His entry into Jerusalem to His Resurrection. Dates from Apr 1, 2012 to Apr 8, 2012.

Malaga Fair

The Malaga fair commemorates the city’s capture by the Catholic Monarchs in August 14, and is celebrated with a range of activities such as competitions, performances and concerts, held in the fairground of El Real.

Malaga Festival of Spanish Cinema

The Malaga Festival was born in 1998 and, in each edition, it has had one goal: to encourage the dissemination and promotion of Spanish cinema. Date from 21-04-2012 To 28-04-2012 .