Aquavista, Fuengirola

Aquavista is a catamaran equipped to enable passengers to see under water and thus discover the magic world that exists in the sea. A catamaran with three decks, one of which is covered in the winter months. It has a capacity for 126 people and all security measures required. The ride lasts an hour and a half, during which you will see dolphins, algae, schools of fish, etc. .. Continue reading “Aquavista, Fuengirola”

Costasol Cruise Lines

Costasol Cruceros is a company that has been organising in mini-cruises for tourists along the Costa del Sol since 1980, when it began operations with the Joven María II, which used to pick up customers along the beaches of Torremolinos. Later on, the company added the Starfish Dos, a bigger and more modern vessel. Continue reading “Costasol Cruise Lines”