Sala de Exposiciones Arqueológicas de la Alcazaba / Archealogical Exhibition Hall of the Alcazaba

Educational tour in seven parts showing the techniques and uses of ceramics in moorish Málaga and its continued use to this day, covering how ceramic objects are recovered, the wide variety of its forms and its diverse uses, pottery, the oven, its shape, its finish, and decoration, its commercialistion and its current uses in the modern world.

Among the exhibits are original pieces found during evcavations in and around the city and reproductions of pieces found in the Alcazaba itself. This permanent exhibition is housed in the in the rooms of the Palacio Nazarí. The visit finishes with explanatory panels detailing the Almería and Granada Alcazabas and the monumental Málaga Alcazaba- Castillo Gibralfaro, as well as panels with explanations of the most striking features of the Alcazaba.

Address: Calle Alcazabilla, 2 – 29015 Málaga
Tel.: 952 21 76 46
Open: Winter: 8,30 h-19,00 h; Summer: 9,30 h-20,30 h
Tour of both Alcazaba – Castillo Gibralfaro: 3,45 €
Retired and students: 0,60 €
Sundays from 14:00 PM free admission