Museo Tesoro de la Cofradía de la Expiración / Brotherhood Treasure of the Expiracion Museum

The Brotherhood of the Santísimo Cristo of the Expiracion and of Maria Santisima de los Dolores Coronada dates back to the XVIII. Its flowering as an integral part of the Easter processions began in 1920 when both Brotherhoods united under its current name. Their first procession took place in 1921 on Holy Wednesday.

The Casa-Hermandad or Brotherhood-House was built in the 1960s and the museum is housed here, in a building attached to the parish church of St. Peter.
The museum collection is divided into four rooms:
Room I is inside the church and is dedicated to images of the Brotherhood.
Room II is a large modern construction and is dedicated to the processional thrones on which the Virgin and Christ are borne. Objects associated with the procession and Brotherhood are also exhibited here in large wooden and velvet display cabinets, as well as objects of worship and the Virgins garments which include her magnificent cloak of extraordinary dimensions.
Room III is dedicated to a large collection of objects and monuments associated with the Brotherhoods in Malaga, which are shared and loaned out among each other.
Room IV has a collection made up of the Treasures of the Brotherhood which consist of processional garments, gifts and offerings that the Brotherhood makes to the Christ and Virgin, the crown and dagger of the Virgin, and  Christ s crown which represents His triumph over death, pain and evil.

Address: Pl. Enrique Navarro 1, 29002 Málaga
Tel.: 952 36 02 71
Open: 10,00 h – 13,00 h / 18,00 h – 20,00 h
Price: free admission