Museo Taurino Antonio Ordónez / Bullfighting Museum Antonio Ordónez

The Bullfighting Museum offers the visitor a grand tour of the world of bullfighting. It contains bullfighting costumes, photographs, posters and other valuable objects associated with the national sport. The museum is named Antonio Ordóńez in honour of the legendary bullfighter from Ronda who gave such glorious spectacle to the crowd on many afternoons in the Málaga bullring.

The Bullfighting Museum Antonio Ordóńez was opened on the 25th of May 1999. It is housed in the Bullring in La Malagueta and is 225 metres squared. The museum comprises three rooms and a large passageway. Among the most important exhibits are bullfighting posters, sculptures, bullfighting costumes, capes and other accessories and mounted bulls´heads.

Address: Paseo Reding s/n,  29016  Málaga
Tel.: 952226292
Open: Mondays – Fridays:10,00 h – 13,00 h / 17,00 h – 20,00 h
Price: Person: 1,80 €; children up to 7 free admission