Museo del Transporte / Transport Museum

In the grounds of what was the old Benitez Camp (28 hectares), Málaga will take over for public use a place of exceptional value due to its size and location for a unique project-Public Museum of Transport and Public Works in Spain. This project will provide Málaga with another public amenity to add to its diverse tourist, cultural and leisure services.

The Museum that will form part of this great space has as its aim to develope an integrated centre for which several independent pavillions are planned, interconnected with each other, whose link will be transport and movement.

There will be distinct pavillions; the general pavillion at reception will be the first the visitor will enter before going into three different themed pavillions – Earth, Sea and Water. Besides these three pavillions there will be a large introductory pavilion with a permanent exhibition room: the history of transport, public works and the advances associated with them. This pavillion will also have an auditorium / conference room, meeting rooms, library, temporary exhibition room and a cafe bar.