Museo de la Cofradía de los Estudiantes / Royal Brotherhood of The Estudiantes Museum

The Los Estudiantes  (literally “the students”) procession is one of the most important of Malagas Easter processions. The Virgin and Christ are borne through the streets of Malaga by the Estudiantes Confradi or brotherhood. The Estudiantes Museum is located right in the old historic city centre facing Malagas most important landmark the Alcazaba Castle, and a short distance from the Roman Theatre, the Picasso Museum and the Palacio de la Aduana , future home of the Museum of Fine Arts.
The museum is divided into two sections: the Throne Hall and the Educational Room – Events Room. The Throne Hall has 11 display cabinets and 6 display stands. There is also a complete audiovisual system.
Among the processional exhibits of particular interest are the Cruz Guía (guide cross), the lights of the Cruz Guía, and the standards of the Virgin and Christ. The Processional Crown and velvet dressage of the virgin are also outstanding.
The Museums centrepieces are of course the Thrones which carry the Virgin and Christ, along with the canopy and the Virgins cloak.

Address: C/Alcazabilla, 3, 29015 Málaga
Tel.: 952 22 12 64
Prices: personal donation (not obligatory)