Museo de Historia de la Ciudad / Museum of the history of the city

2,700 years of history are represented in this museum and will look back over the milestones of the city whose settlement began with the first phoenician colonisation. The museum tour will be both educational and accessible and will take in the 7th and 8th centuries B.C all the way up to to the present 21st century. With this tour it is hoped that both locals and tourists will get a greater understanding of the main events that has shaped the character of the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The phoenician, roman, mediaeval, renaissance, baroque, nineteenth century and contemporary city will all be represented here in graphic panels and displays in which pieces of artistic and historical value (originals and reproductions) will be exhibited. There will also be interactive installations and audiovisual productions which will make the visit accesible and easily-understood.
You will be able to have a virtual tour of a roman theatre, a phoenician tomb or the interior of Málagas great buildings of the 18th century.
You will be able to see the commercial links of the roman port and the products that were made and exported such as the garum.
In moorish Málaga you will see a model of the Alcazaba, a drawing of the minaret of the mosque and in the Reconquest section you will be able to see plans of the siege of the city.