Museo de Arte Sacro de la Abadía Cisterciense de Santa Ana / Cistercian Abbey of Saint Anne Museum of Religious Art

One of the attractions of the monumental Abbey of Saint Anne is that its name is forever linked with the sculpture Pedro de Mena y Medena, the most important artist in Malaga during the Baroque period. The exhibition is made up of around 300 pieces of religious art from the 16th to the 20th century. It is structured in four parts:
Room 1 Cister and History
Dedicated to the exhibition of pictorial pieces conserved in the Abbey.
Room 2 Images of Baroque
This room houses a wide range of pictorial objects, sculpture, metalware and silverware, as well as documentary records, textile paintings and embroidery.
Room 3 Privacy and Closure
Houses a large part of the collection of sculpture made up of pieces from the 16th and 18th century. Also of great interest are the miniatures of religious images, alter pieces and ornamental coverings and the Nacimientos. Nativity Scenes
Room 4 Dream of Life and Death
This place hides a true mystical “nursery” which shows the contrast of a childs gentleness against the dramatic meaning of the “Nińos de Pasión” (“Children of Passion”).

Address: Calle Císter 13, 29015 Málaga
Tel.: 952 21 69 71
Open: Monday-Saturdays: 10,00 h-13,00 h ( except Sundays and Holidays)
Prices: Retired:1,5€; Group: 1€; Adult: 2€