Mar Del Plata Beach Pleasures

Beaches are such a pleasure and luxury for any tourist. Who wouldn’t love to feel the waves lap up our sight and sense and envelop us with unthinkable thrill? While in the beaches of this region, it is interesting to know that South America has some of the best unique beaches on earth.

The Mar Del Plata is one such beach beauty. With the coastline stretching to more than 29 miles in the Atlantic coast of this beach, the amalgamation of tourist pleasure and local luxury here is evident in the way tourists enjoy coming to this place. Mar Del Plata is a place that has something going on all through the year.

One can reach the Mar Del Plata by motor, air or rail. Mar Del Plata is accessed form Buenos Aires by road and has the Buenos Aires airport as its nearest railhead. Again Buenos Aires is also the nearest airport thus making it easily accessible for all.

This was initially named the Costa Galana by the Buenos Aires founder Juande Garay who had visited this region sometime in the year 1581. With the best of white foam and the most pristine golden sand, the huge cliffs and the millennial rocks give a kind of beauty to this place that is irresistible. The promenades and parks that are found here dot the entire 47 kilometre stretch on the Atlantic coastal region.

The sand in the beach in Mar Del Plata is fine and consists of quartz which is transparent. Then the beach sand also has nacre and hematite, both of them minerals, and also zircon and ilmetite. The latter minerals are all concentrated on the shore in great numbers and they are movable and darker than the first two minerals.

Mar Del Plata Beach

Tourists who come here have to be cautious of the unpredictable current here. So it is a good idea to keep an eye on the flags here. These indicate the condition of the sea and there are lifeguards who also give information regarding the same.

Everything that you wanted to do in a beach resort is possible here in Mar Del Plata where the sea, sun and air seem to challenge your travel interests.

Visit the Camet Beach here that extends from Constitucion Ave to Camet park. This is in a T shaped zone and has waves here which lash the shore and also have formed bays. These semi urban zones are perfect with their fine grey coloured sand and are accessed from the city. Enjoy all the facilities here like restrooms, restaurants, showers, parking lots, solariums, tents parasol etc. Enjoy the sand here as it is thicker and turns golden. The beaches are quite attractive to all those who like surfing here. ‘

Visit the La Perla beach which has many beaches combined in one place. These beaches are all connected with each other with the help of boardwalks. They are built in different levels and have all the facilities of any good beach locale. These beaches are all crowded and are mainly visited by families due to their recreational centers. So get ready to see some body boarding, mini football pitches, and volleyball courts all of which are found here in these golden sandy zones.

La Perla beach

Then you have the Paseo Adolfo Davila the rocky region which is popular for recreational fishing. The coarse sand here along with the lovely bathing facilities make it popular amongst beach lovers and this beach in Mar Del Plata is surely a fascinating locale.