La Cónsula Restaurant and Culinary School

La Cónsula is a country estate situated in the district of Churriana. It’s been named after a Prussian Consul’s wife who in late nineteenth century commissioned the construction of this beautiful place Hemingway used to praise.
The property has been home to the Málaga Culinary School and its restaurant since 1991, when the Andalusia’s Regional Government and the Málaga Town Council established the consortium that runs it. The school’s goal is to train qualified restaurant professionals so that they can easily access the dining labour market. It has served as springboard for cooks and chefs who have become famous in our province and beyond, some of whom have already been granted Michelin stars, like José Carlos García or Dani García.
At La Cónsula, students work in a real business environment to offer a Mediterranean menu in which creativity and innovation mix with tradition. The School -carrying great prestige at the national level- teaches topics other than cooking, such as customer service, ambience design, or décor.

La Cónsula Restaurant & Culinary School
Finca La Cónsula
Churriana (Málaga)
Tel.: (+34) 952 622 562
Restaurant hours: Open for lunch only.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Holy Week, August and Christmas.