Earth’s best places for unearthly experience

Space tourism is still something which we cannot do like normal traveling around the world. But who would not like to see craters of moon, reddish Mars etc. Space tourism is distant thing to do yet, but for the unearthly places experience, there are outer space spots on earth, which you can see. So prepare to moon walk, to all cosmic cadets on earth:

Valley of the Moon

Valle de la Luna or The Valley of Moon in Chile, which can be described as the moon- maginificient desolation, where you can see the strange looking lunar land forms which have been eroded by the years if wild weather, crowding the horizon, see the bleak dunes, and there is distant volcanoes which looks so surreal. The best time to see this beautiful valley is during the sunset and you will be mesmerized in the unearthly glow in pink, purple etc.

Volcanic Iceland

The place is astonishing, see the dramatic steam rising fumaroles, then the bubbling mud pots, bizzare rocks formation and the lava fields. Iceland is picturesque place for science fiction film. Myvatn is place which will question your senses as to where in the universe are. The place is stark beautiful and glorious landscapes.

South Eastern Utah

Well want to see Mars, then here you are in Canyon Lands and in the Arches National Parks in the south eastern Utah will Mars which is a red planet run for this intergalactic look with rugged arches, needles, craters, bridges, spires, mesas and the buttes. And summer will be the best time to have extra blast from the Mars.

Lac Abbé, Djibouti

This strikes some cord in your memory? You should believe your gaze when you will be awestruck when you will see the Lac Abbé’s natural fuming ‘chimneys’ and the vastness of the eerie and solitude salt plains, well these word do recall which are said by the astronaut George Taylor in movie Planet of the Apes. The Planet of Apes movie was shot here!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is amazing destination to visit when in Bolivia, where you can see immense and shimmering in sea of salt, that is bound to haunt your dreams for many years. As a matter of fact, the beauty of Salar de Uyuni’s is so breath-taking, that is like other worldliness experience, such that you will feel like going for interstellar overdrive.

These locations give competition to space which is yet difficult to go and see but these destinations are the most amazing spots for having universe experience.