What to know about traveling in Spain

Although I have only spent a total of 6 months in Spain, it included four and a half months with a family in Madrid, and another month with a friend I made while I was there the first time in Santiago de Compostela. I think that travel tips by EasyVacationPlanning and my experiences living with these real Spaniards for extended periods of time really helped me understand the country and the culture, and whenever I traveled to Andalucia, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastian Continue reading “What to know about traveling in Spain”

Earth’s best places for unearthly experience

Space tourism is still something which we cannot do like normal traveling around the world. But who would not like to see craters of moon, reddish Mars etc. Space tourism is distant thing to do yet, but for the unearthly places experience, there are outer space spots on earth, which you can see. So prepare to moon walk, to all cosmic cadets on earth: Continue reading “Earth’s best places for unearthly experience”