Al-Andalus cultural route

For almost eight centuries, the Iberian Peninsula lived one of its most privileged moments, not only with regard to Spain, but also to Europe as a whole: the age of Moslem Spain, which the Arabs called Bilad al-Andalus.

The mixture of races, religions and cultures gave rise to a brilliant civilization, where both the Arts and Science flourished. Silks, objects of art produced in ivory, bronze and marble, ceramic tiling, the creation of a subtle architectural style and luminous sensual poetry all made al-Andalus the cultural focal point of Europe; a bridge between East and West; the cradle of a splendid and refined civilization. Continue reading “Al-Andalus cultural route”

Axarquia holidays

The Axarquia, on the easternmost part of the Costa del Sol, is situated next to Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol and its seaport and airport, which are amongst the busiest in Spain. The city is also well-connected with the rest of Spain by road, thanks to the modern communication network. All of it makes the whole area an ideal welcoming place for quality tourism that look for something other than sun, sea and sand. A type of tourism that looks for history, for legend, such as that of the mountain bandits that still seem to lurk around the Venta de Alfarnate, where all those traveling inland from the coast had to pass. That look for nature, thanks to the walking trails through the beautiful countryside. That look for emotions, practicing hang-gliding, windsurfing, waterskiing or scuba-diving. That looks for relaxation on the magnificent golf courses that have the Costa del sol. Continue reading “Axarquia holidays”

Rural tourism in Andalucia

After the traditional mass tourist destinations in Spain, like the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca started to become saturated and the impact of the increasing degradation of their natural setting caused by the spectacular urban and demographic growth of the small towns located along the Mediterranean coastline became clearer, many travellers started to look for alternative destinations. Continue reading “Rural tourism in Andalucia”