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Things to do in Muscat Oman

An early start to catch the fascinating goat market in Nizwa where you will be transported back in time as you witness the traditional sale of livestock brought in from all over the country for the Friday market. You will have time to explore the numerous souqs selling Omani wares such as silver, pots, dates and daggers before spending time in Nizwa’s 17th century fort and castle, the largest in the Arabian Peninsula.


What to know about traveling in Spain

Although I have only spent a total of 6 months in Spain, it included four and a half months with a family in Madrid, and another month with a friend I made while I was there the first time in Santiago de Compostela. I think that travel tips by EasyVacationPlanning and my experiences living with these real Spaniards for extended periods of time really helped me understand the country and the culture, and whenever I traveled to Andalucia, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, San Sebastian (more…)

What Not To Do While In Barcelona

Barcelona is an inspiring European city that is ever-growing in popularity, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a favorite destination due to the fantastic mixture of astounding architectural masterpieces, finest art galleries, and museums, together with amazing traditions and mouthwatering traditional dishes. (more…)

Mar Del Plata Beach Pleasures

Beaches are such a pleasure and luxury for any tourist. Who wouldn’t love to feel the waves lap up our sight and sense and envelop us with unthinkable thrill? While in the beaches of this region, it is interesting to know that South America has some of the best unique beaches on earth. (more…)

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Staying at the Villas on Koh Samui

Koh Samui Thailand is one of the most beautiful spots on the face of the earth and the privilege of leasing a villa there for your vacation will be an unforgettable memory for certain. Situated off of the east coast, it is the second largest island, second to Phuket.

Its beautiful sandy beaches, coconut trees and coral reefs make for quite a display of natural beauty with plenty of activities for any vacationer.

Koh Samui villas for sale are available at FazWaz, as they vary in size and accommodations. Most have luxurious facilities, with private pools, and a short walk to the beach, if they are not actually on the beach. (more…)

US Virgin Islands All Inclusive Vacations Provide Enjoyment

Taking a great trip by yourself or with your family is a challenge which you want to overcome. This is when you should know more information about how you can have some great enjoyment when you take the US Virgin Islands all inclusive vacations. When you start to see these all inclusive resorts in US Virgin Islands it is a lot easier then what you imagined to go on a trip and be able to know exactly what you can do while on the trip. (more…)

Earth’s best places for unearthly experience

Space tourism is still something which we cannot do like normal traveling around the world. But who would not like to see craters of moon, reddish Mars etc. Space tourism is distant thing to do yet, but for the unearthly places experience, there are outer space spots on earth, which you can see. So prepare to moon walk, to all cosmic cadets on earth: (more…)

Things To Do In Dubai: Extravagant Shopping

Dubai is a city that has arose from the barren land of desert and is now shopping hub in Asia. Dubai city has promoted itself as a tourist destination with sky touching hotels like Burj Al Khalifa etc, many adventurous things to do and most important it has placed itself in top slots for shopping.

There are many shopping malls in Dubai, malls which sells branded goods, small shops which are very famous from their souvenirs and many trinkets. In Dubai you have to go for tax free shopping. Shopaholic paradise, a day is not enough. Top places in Dubai you should check out: (more…)

Visit Australia for slew of festivals and events to come

Book your tickets well in advance as the as the 2012 year is bumper year for people visiting Australia. Australia the land of Kangaroos and one of the least populated county and continent other than the Polar caps in North and South.

Australia is beautiful destination to visit and more and more people are planning to visit this land soon. Australia tours and tourism has increases from past decade and people love to visit Australia for the amazing things to do that it provides for. (more…)